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Environmental awareness started in the US and Europe and has spread to other countries in recent years. Consideration of the environmental factor in the design and evaluation of processes is based on two main reasons:

- The social sensitivity of the region where the company is located and the sanctions of central and local governments,

- Economic-political sanctions of the country where the company customer lives

The first reason is based on the view that lasting development can only be achieved through the rational use of natural resources and the utilization of waste in ways that reduce environmental pollution.

The second reason differs in that it involves economic and political dimensions. The source of sanctions can be political and economic organizations (such as the European Community).

While environmental regulations of central and local governments have an indirect impact on quality management systems, they have a direct impact on environmental management systems. As a result, the implementation of environmental management systems in different countries may vary.

NOD YAPI is trying to ensure the standardization of environmental management systems in accordance with the relevant standards.   

NOD YAPI uses recyclable materials obtained from nature in all of its applications. It avoids any material and application that will adversely affect human health.


Environment During the execution of work in workplaces, systematic and scientific studies carried out to protect against accidents and other factors that may harm health caused by various reasons and to provide a better working environment are called occupational health and occupational safety.

All over the world, especially in countries such as our country, which are at the stage of industrialization and technological development, a number of problems related to occupational health and safety arise, and these problems affect the health of employees as well as work efficiency.

Working environments are full of various environmental factors that pose personal health and safety risks arising from the processes carried out and the materials used and produced. Every employee and manager has a fundamental responsibility for the measures to be taken for a healthier and safer life in our workplaces, where we spend an average of one third of our daily lives.

Providing these safe environments befitting human beings can only be possible by adopting the rules in this regard as a lifestyle. 

All of the methodical and continuous studies carried out within a plan in order to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases in workplaces, to make the working environment and conditions suitable for health, to evaluate and develop human resources and to prevent unsafe movements are called occupational safety. The main purpose of occupational safety is to prevent hazards arising from work, environment and social activities and to ensure a healthy and safe life and working environment. The purpose of focusing on occupational accidents is to prevent physical damages, material damages and loss of national wealth. 

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